Tropical Rogue

by Ren Aris

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I let my troubled subconscious and dreams write an album for me. Seriously. I’m expressing a lot frustration with every aspect of this, making these 10 minutes drained me creatively.


released June 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Ren Aris UK

I record a shifting hybrid genre of music. Fusion for millennials. Fresh air for all.

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Track Name: Fable
I dreamt I left chilli peppers and piña coladas
The place where my wife left me
I fell in a cave, I slipped harder
Than I expected
My ladder was there but I don’t quite recollect
The turn of events
Until I shook and boxed wide awake
A crate from the mine fell in the underground lake
Rationed and passioned to write about us
But little did I know, a clown man lived in the tunnels
Track Name: Timelapse
Learn alive
Melting under pressure
All at once
Senses beyond measure

Lost in a whirlwind of war

And I felt it in the air
Like my body wasn’t there
Sound enveloped all I know
And surrounds the world in snow
Track Name: Lucid Liminal

I’m laying down some basic principles of improvisation
I do not know what I’m going to say next
I’m just making it up
And I don’t even know how to say anything in tune with the music
I just listen and respond
To the synapses in my head
Trying to make me brain dead
But I try to break out
Track Name: Bardak of a Zhenshina
So now they askin' you why retire?
If you have got such a great empire?
Pray that they keep their clothes on

And also keepin' the greatest mime 'ere
Eh wha' you wha' ma'e you try some ri't beer
Lay down and cry at what's wrong

Don't pretend you're not afraid
We all know the fear
Living in the light of the blade
In the shadow of the tears

Lost your reason, lost your mind
Every single time you try to prove it
Find your people, find your triangle
I still think the pieces do fit

You're an idiot for trying
Obama's not a fallen angel
You persist your friends are dying
Because of static in your pager
Track Name: North Pole
And I felt it in the air
Like my body wasn’t there
Sound enveloped all I know
And surrounds the world in snow