by Ren Aris

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Free download. I encourage people to remix and rework any version of this song. Album photo by Dr Insur.


released September 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Ren Aris UK

I record a shifting hybrid genre of music. Fusion for millennials. Fresh air for all.

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Track Name: The Concrete Monsoon
Run away

This sound and word construction is quite restrained
But I need a lyrical base to keep away the pain
What if I was surrounded by wolves in the night time
A good sharp stick and a light should allow me to keep my eyesight
I wanted more from what I do in the darkness
I want to be seen by all the people that are simply passing
I wish far more than I ever dream
Plus when I'm making music I need to be heard and not seen

I should say that I might not write much and the word count will be scarce
But I went though thousands of iterations of words
One time I wrote a fable but I'd have to cram the text
I wrote verses about streets in a city in case you're wondering
But bear in mind they are all metaphors anyway
Hate to keep on talking but I have to say my brain really hurts
It's like jumping from a scraper and slowing down time
That's your "Concrete Monsoon" of heavenly bodies falling from the heavenly sky

Another iteration was a popular ballad with skewed chords
I could be singing but I'd always end up feeling coarse
So I continue speaking in the broken voice I'd end in
Better be honest about the way we blend things
Finally, to finish on the third verse like I planned first
All I'm really missing is a chorus, and a nice bridge
I wanted to cram everything in only one length
But isn't music simply linear choices we make until decay death

Maybe what we know as music is actually defined by a following

But then, what is art?