Kinesthetic EP

by Ren Aris

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I've been working on many projects all at once, to the extent that I forgot to actually release any music! So, here is a showcase of what I'm trying to achieve musically. Granted, these tracks may be diverse to some ears, but in my mind they function very well together.


released September 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Ren Aris UK

I record a shifting hybrid genre of music. Fusion for millennials. Fresh air for all.

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Track Name: Kinesthetic
In my school there is this
Policy not to wish

That the place could be better
In any way because
That would warrant a letter
From the great city lord

He created this nation
That lives under the sky
But in the great creation
He forgot we’re alive

I cannot learn any of
The things they teach us here at
This school, I want to do not
See what I can really achieve

I am getting a headache
From all these things they say
I imagine and remake
Everything now, today
Track Name: White for the Funeral
In a summer cadence of golden red
She slips through patience and becomes one with the earth
To fall into your element from whence you came
And doubtless become dust again
Relapse into your birth instead

She wondered what the sun was since
The golden sphere that o’er her life remained
From life until her death she breathes
Through eyes of dew and autumn leaves
A single, pallid ray
Track Name: SC-101
I would prefer not to express myself
Because right now my pain will be revealed
For sanity to stay I stay concealed
There might not be a form of mental health

And the tank is full of holes
And the cradle
In a crude meniscus, it retains

All the liquid shot with rows
Of indifference
Or extreme emotion, if I fail

Unbalanced if the writhing tide is skewed
Enough is never present in the spoil
Conceal a living compass through the toil
I then proceed to shine a straighter through