by Ren Aris

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It’s an experimental album written from a combination of subconscious and conscious, genuine/ironic and liminal/subliminal methods.


released December 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Ren Aris UK

I record a shifting hybrid genre of music. Fusion for millennials. Fresh air for all.

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Track Name: Brave New Choice
She had hair the colour of the promise
And eyes the colour of the dream
As we flew back into night
Sailed the ship into the fight
I remembered that I had no time left

Understandably, in the house of the butterfly queen
Transcend and grow within
Through the glass, transparent
The world of sin

I feel alone here
Surrounded with the lives that build and thrive on lies
Wake and shift, eyes to the glass
Reflected, a world of woeful paradise
Track Name: Everyday Headache
Sober, drunk, it doesn’t make a difference they said but
I’m just beginning to feel the sober state when still in bed
I don’t much care for company, still
It would be nice to swallow a pill
Pretend to see my long lost killed off
Imagined friend
Of course, until -

The heads of the lost drop
They keep living on high, while
The headaches of the population
Grow although they’re dry
I wish to use my tongue to praise, they say that it’s my choice
But since I cannot sing, I’m going to lose my voice
Track Name: Patient
Twist you into shape
Punish your mistake
Even if I take
Every fault whether it's small or great

Wait and listen, stronger will become your patience every second
And transition, form complete opinions on your own submission
Fire in your head will burn until your perseverance kills you
Maybe wait, just maybe wait, just maybe open though the fission

Eyes inside your skull
Transient making null
Whiter everyday
Waste no time to express your pain

I am making dirt
Body starts to hurt
Over and aligned
Fingers inside my hide

Say you love me, say you need me, do what it requires to please me
Death to firing beams inside you, patience, patient, wait and get through
I am losing all my will to fight and live and now that I see
All around me, all inside me, thoughts that crowd and then I see you
Track Name: Right of Excuse
People on drugs swaying this and that way
Asking for a change to abstain from society
Fire the leading squad from a cannon
Into the woods where they’ll stumble and spat on

Tricks and new kicks, play dough on sticks
Try to eat it all but you know it ain’t fix
Phlegm in the stew, firing off too
And you’re trying to find some fun in a one shot crew

Phlegm in the pot
Track Name: Directive Paradigm
Nothing could be finer
Than to run away and sleep
In the earth, embraced by branches
Until the sun of spring we reap

Stole a death card from a tarot
Always eager to impress
And my true nature’s transparent
In this state of undress

Hide away inside those rhythms
That run along your skin

If the rain comes, we’ll be sheltered
In a house I built with clay
In the ring of rising mountains
Forest depth I want to stay
Track Name: Lulu


I’m a sleeper car parked in the wrong place
En route, just need a key for the glove case
Haven’t slept, better yet, haven’t been awake
Drifting in the silent streets of a lone brain

Rocket science
Complex strains of a quiet crisis
Censorship in a world where if you break out, people need to like it

Get to a stage where all the art you make engages violence
Still, both your love and hate are killing like a virus
Track Name: Iguana
Ya iguana padabadama
Ya iguana haha

I love the way that you dress and the effortless ways that you move around
Could you try arrest the finer of the cuts of the bites of sound
Track Name: Hunt
The secular world is a witch hunt for the ones of faith
Criticise us in their art and themselves eat children from their mate

Symbolic molestation of quiet places
Intrusion, insurgency and revolution
Buzzing liquid swarms of black dots
That they left by their restructure
Eyes infected, crawling with arrows

Old woman and her son burrow into the earth
She wipes his tears away with her dirty necktie
In their handmade drilling machines they home in on a system
Shelter for two days until the flies come

Rabbit versus the snake
Perpetua and effesomnia
Where does the time go?
Where does the time go?

You have made yourselves fat for the day of slaughter